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Please note the following points when applying for Student Spiritual Submersion Time at Tushita Hermitage. 
All dates 2019 dates for attending Tushita Hermitage are listed after this application section.

  • Please apply for each Time that you wish to attend.

  • Apply when the visit prior to the one you wish to attend has been completed. For example, if you wish to attend in March, please apply after the January event is complete.

  • You are asked to come from the beginning of each Time, even if you do not stay for the full 10 days of a ten day Visit. If you are not able to attend from the beginning - please apply for a Time when you can come from the beginning.

  • Please apply up to 3 weeks prior to the start date of any Time

  • Both the 10 day Times and 7 day times will allow for people to attend Tushita Hermitage for an initial 2 day Introduction as their first attendance, and for people attending their second or third time for a 5 day stay.


First time attendance/Introduction (First 2 days)

From: 2.00 pm of first day  To: 2.00pm third day
Anyone attending for the first time will come into Formal Satsang with  Arohananda Ma, and, with chosen practitioners, be taken through an understanding and modalities to enhance the required body/mind preparation for clear and focused understanding of the Way of Life principles. 
Further description of this Introductory Time to Tushita Heart Hermitage is available here
Should you wish to attend, please write to for confirmation.

Second and third attendance (First 5 days) 

From: 2.00 pm of first day  To: 2.00pm fifth day
Anyone attending for their second or third time and have sat in Formal Satsang with Arohananda Ma, will continue with her teaching guidance and start attending Formal Satsang with Beloved Yanchiji in sitting times with other students. Should you wish to attend, please write to for confirmation.

Fourth time (plus) attendance 

From: 2.00 pm of first day  To: 2.00pm last day
After attending for at least a 2 day Introduction, and two 5 day Times at Tushita Hermitage, you can apply to come for the whole 10 day Time. It is assumed you will arrive on the beginning date of any Student Time - and - please let Arohananda Ma know if you wish to leave before the end date.
Should you wish to attend, please write to Arohananda Ma for confirmation.



Please note: Dates may be subject to change.

January 25 - February 3 (10 day)
March 16 - 23 (7 day)
April 20 - 27 (7 day)
June 7 - 14 (7 day)
July 27 - August 3 (7 day)
October 18 - 27 (10 Day)
December 6 - 14 (9 day)

What is a "Formal Student"?


Some of those attending Tushita Mystery School are drawn to practice and explore this way of life, emphasising  our inherent OKness in a more formal way.

This includes a sincere  desire to put into practice the learnings and understandings that arise from a more unproblematical relationship to life – in all the areas of our life.

It also includes attendance at Tushita Hermitage with Arohananda Ma or Yanchiji being the guiding teachers during this time and coming to Listening Groups  (currently in Wellington, Auckland and Peria Valley).

There are no tests, beliefs or monetary requirements to become a formal student.  Studentship by its very nature is open to us all.

How do you become a Formal Student?

If you feel drawn to explore what it means to be a formal student of the Way of Life at Tushita Hermitage and would like to spend time with others practising in this way you may wish to consider….

  • Attending Formal Satsang with Yanchiji or Arohananda Ma

  • Attending Study Groups with current practising students

  • Attending an Introduction to the Tushita Hermitage